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Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine and healthcare that deals with physical impairments that affect mobility, function, and general quality of living. Also known as physical therapy, this practice revolves around the assessment and diagnosis of movement potential, and the development of goals based on the results of assessment. The process involves the careful study of patient history and physical examination in order to produce an accurate diagnosis of the case. The diagnosis will be the basis upon which a management plan will be built. The management plan will be designed to unlock the physical abilities of the patient, allowing him or her to perform functional activities.

Oftentimes, management plans include the integration of specific exercises, therapy, and use of mechanical devices that are designed to improve physical functions. In some cases, target areas are also subjected to electricity, cold, heat, radiation, and sound waves to assist with the healing and physiotherapy process. Due to the complex nature of the treatments, it is difficult to find a physiotherapy clinic that has the equipment and the medical expertise to do the job. Fortunately, there is one name you can count on to provide a complete suite of treatments for physiotherapy – Mainstream .

Experience Holistic Care from Our Physiotherapy Clinic

As one of the most well-rounded and complete medical facilities in Abu Dhabi and in the UAE, Mainstream International Hospital has a well-equipped physiotherapy clinic that is able to cater to different cases. Whether you are in need of fitness assessment and enhancement, occupational medicine, rheumatology, sports therapy, or special pediatric therapy, we can help. We have a highly professional team that is dedicated to creating and delivering a well-rounded, holistic healthcare solution to each patient, targeted specifically at meeting each unique health goal. We understand that each case is different. As such, we employ a different strategy, a different approach to each one.

Physiotherapy Specialists Who Truly Care for You

We know that achieving health goals depends on a strong collaboration between the physiotherapist and the patient. Considering this, we continuously train our healthcare providers to communicate with our patients in order to ensure that there is a strong bond, a sturdy partnership between provider and patient in achieving said health goals.

At our physiotherapy clinic, we are capable of tackling different physical challenges, including:

  • Sports Physiotherapy

  • Rheumatology

  • Occupational Medicine (ergonomic evaluation)

Dr. Bashar Halim (PT)

Dr. Khalfan Inaam (PT)

Dr. Murtaza Nihad (PT)

Dr. Kulthum Ibro (PT)

Dr. Khadem Ishtiaq (PT)