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Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights as a Patient

  1. To be informed (patient + families) about the care and services of the hospital and how to access those services.
  2. To be informed of an alternative source of care and services if not available at the hospital.
  3. To have care that is respectful care consistent with your personal values and beliefs.
  4. To have care that is respectful of the patients need for privacy.
  5. To have your valuables and personal belongings safeguarded according to the hospital safety and security policy.
  6. To be protected from any type of assault.
  7. To receive appropriate protection and services if you are a vulnerable child disabled individual, and / or elderly.
  8. To have all your information kept confidential and protected from loss or misuse.
  9. You are entitled to information on your medical condition, conveyed in a way you can understand. This information shall include, except in Emergencies and where applicable:
  • Treatment options.
  • Known outcome.
  • Known risks of treatment.
  • Known risks and consequences of non-treatment.
  • Estimated bill.
  • Plan for your continue care after discharge.
  • The names of the healthcare professionals responsible for your treatment.
  1. To refuse or discontinue treatment against the doctor’s advice, to the extent permitted by law, you may do so after signing a form to requestDischarge Against Medical Advice (DAMA) who has explained the consequences of such decision.
  2. To have adequate assessment and management of pain.
  3. To be informed of complaint process, conflicts, and difference of opinions about patient care and you’re right to participate in these processes related to concerns about your treatment or care.
  4. To give general consent for treatment and have the general scope and limits of this consent fully explained.
  5. To receive respectful and compassionate care at the end of life.
  6. To have a right to see the second opinion without compromising your care within or outside organization.


Your Responsibilities as a Patient

  1. Provide complete information of your medical history (including allergies and medicines you are taking), and other relevant details to enable us to help you.
  2. Comply with the treatment plan given to you by our healthcare professionals.
  3. Inform your healthcare professionals when you encounter problems that prevent you from complying with the treatment plans.
  4. Advise us of changes in your medical condition.
  5. Be responsible in meeting the required fees and charges for the medical services provided to you; As stated in code number 9 in “your Rights as a Patient”
  6. Treat all staff and other patients and visitors with due respect and courtesy.
  7. Comply with the hospital’s regulations such as the policy on visiting hours and smoking.
  8. Ask questions when you do not understand any instruction.
  9. To bring your medical insurance card with you every time you attend the healthcare facility.
  10. Respect the priority given to emergency cases.