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Premium Care for your Heart By Leading Cardiologists In Abu Dhabi

Cardiology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disease of the heart and blood vessels. This can present with a number of symptoms such as chest pain , shortness of breath, high / low blood pressure ,dizziness and palpitation to name a few.

Recent studies in the U.A.E indicate that lifestyle factors are a major cause of disability and fatality arising out of heart disease. It is verified that heart disease is still more prevalent among young people. Owing to poor lifestyle, stressful working conditions, high cholesterol ,high blood pressure are interlinked and often leads to heart disease.

To deal with this major health concern, we are committed in offering state-of-the-art cardiology care. Our experienced consultant and staff complement our facilities. So if you are suffering from symptoms of a heart disorder and wish to be diagnosed and treated by a trusted heart specialist in Abu Dhabi , then make sure that you book an appointment with the experts at Mainstream International Hospital today!

Services Offered By Our Heart Doctor In Abu Dhabi

The heart specialist at Mainstream International Hospital is 100% committed to helping his patients enjoy life to the fullest. For this, he provides detailed and accurate diagnostic services and effective treatment to even the most complex conditions and disorders.

As such, the services offered by our cardiologist are inclusive of:

  • Consultant Cardiologist Consultation
  • ECG- Electrocardiography
  • ECHO - Echocardiography
  • TMT - Exercise treadmill testing
  • Stress Echocardiography
  • ABPM - Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring
  • Long term arrhythmia – Holter monitor

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