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Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is the largest branch of psychology that deals with the treatment of patients who are suffering from psychological/ mental/ emotional problems or disorders and the main treatment mode involved is counseling. Psychologists aren’t allowed to administer medication to patients, so they leave that job to psychiatrists if the patient requires psychiatric treatments.

Treatment Processs

  • The first step in treating a patient is assessing the patient’s mental health. It includes personality tests, behavioral observations, interviews, achievement tests and neuropsychological tests.

  • The psychologist then diagnoses the patient and designs a treatment plan

  • Treatment normally includes a psychotherapy counseling

Adult Psychology

involves a complete background study of the individual looking at the issues, stages and various influences from childhood he/she has that a child experienced throughout their development into adulthood.

Treatment for Adult mental health issues includes:

  • Disorders – Generalized anxiety, Phobia, Social anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder etc.

  • Disorders – Depression, Bipolar

  • Psychosomatic disorders

  • disorders

  • Relationship issues- especially marital, family and other interpersonal issues

  • Bereavement counseling/ grief therapy

  • Chronic Pain Conditions

  • AddictiveBehaviour

  • StressManagement

  • Anger Management

  • Sexual Dysfunctions

Child Psychology

Child psychology focuses on the mind and behavior of children from prenatal development through adolescence. Child psychology deals not only with how children grow physically, but with their mental, emotional, and social development as well.

Child and adolescence clinic deals with:

  • Developmental disorders:  Autistic  spectrum  disorders,  Mental Retardation

  • Attention< deficit >hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • Learning Disability/ Dyslexia

  • Childhood Emotional disorders – anxiety as well as depression

  • Behavioural Problems

  • Eating disorders 

  • Examination Anxiety, School refusal

Psychological/Psychoeducational/Neuropsychological assessment:

  • Assessment of intelligence, learning potential, ADHD, Autism, personality, vocational interest,aptitude and various other psychological functions.